Chambers accept instructions under the direct access scheme which allows both private individuals and companies to instruct an accredited barrister without the need to go through an intermediary solicitor. This of course makes litigation more streamlined and inexpensive.

However, it must be stressed that not all cases are suitable for this method. Each case will be considered on its own merits. Some cases are too complex and require the input of a solicitor.

If a case is deemed unsuitable for the scheme our team will know from experience who the most appropriate solicitor is to handle the matter.

Under the direct access scheme, the client is expected to do some of the more basic work that would have been carried out by a solicitor. As a Chambers, we do not conduct litigation but rather act as consultant, adviser and advocate. For example, the barrister would draft a letter of claim but the client would be responsible for serving it. The barrister would draft the pleadings but the client would be expected to lodge them with the Court.

Fees are negotiable depending on the amount of work required. We have a range of accredited barristers with various levels of experience.